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Lizard Peninsula Heritage Trust

How is the Lizard Trust Managed?

We have an Executive Committee with the Chairman and other members of the Committee elected each year at the Annual General Meeting.  The Executive may appoint Sub-Committees to deal with the day-to-day work of events education, sponsorship, grants, projects, production of the Newsletter and dealing with planning matters such as the Distict Local Plan and monitoring and responding to development proposals.

Our Constitution:
Topics and Procedures

• Definitions
• Objects
• Powers
• Membership
• Officers and Positions of Responsibility
• Executive Committee
• Committees and Sub-Committees
• Declaration of Interest
• Expenses of administration and application    of funds
• Investment
• Trustees
• Charities Act 1993 – Records, Statements,    Reports, Returns
• Annual General Meetings
• Special General Meetings
• Procedure at General Meetings
• Amendments
• Notices
• Dissolution

Read our Constitution
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St Anthony
St Anthony in Meneage

Our Business Plan

For any organisation, a Business Plan is an important document to translate aims and objectives to positive action and targets. Our Business Plan, which we aim to be a five-year document with annual reviews and updating, will set out not only details of our origins, past work and successes to date, but also specific realistic targets for action and achievements within the Plan period. In this way we will be able to monitor and measure our progress and make adjustments when appropriate. A copy of the Business Plan will be available to all Members on request.

Our Constitution

Our Constitution is a simple but precise document that needed to pass the scrutiny of the Charity Commission before our application for charitable status was approved. There are strict procedures for amendments that also have to meet the Charity Commission’s requirements. A copy of the Constitution is supplied to all Members.